Adding oxygen through a diffuser in the bottom of the pond creates a water column of fine bubbles rising to the surface. This action pulls cold stagnant water to the surface where it is aerated by oxygen producing phytoplankton, and then circulated back to the bottom.


Trouble shoot fish kill problems with symptoms, cause and recommended solutions.

Our windmills are precision engineered to operate at lower wind speeds and provide up to 60% more air pumping capacity than other windmills.

The Becker Brothers, Jim and Ron joined efforts in pond knowledge and experience to  start Becker Products and Services, Inc.

Absolute Strongest Wheel on the market

See why The Becker Windmill is your best choice in wind powered pond aeration.  Many sizes and options to choose from.  Use the power of teh wind with our Pond Aeration Windmills.  Other pond aeration systems available also.

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Now offering service and repairs in Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan

We can repair and service most pond aeration windmills. Parts are also available.  Call our office at (419) 738-3450 or toll free (888)905-3595 for more information and a quote. Mileage charges may apply for travel over 50 miles.

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